Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Indie Sacramento Road Trip!

This past weekend, several members of our Central California Etsy Team drove up to Sacramento to check out Indie Sacramento's giant craft bizarre held at Fremont Park. It was a great day to bond and check out what other California crafters were up to!

Here's the gang waiting in line for the free swag bags! The rain just wouldn't stop!

The swag bags were awesome! They were filled with goodies from almost every shop and lots of cool info/coupons for places in Sacramento. It was well worth standing in the rain for! There were 250 bags, so some vendors made 250 pairs of earrings, bookmarks, and the like. Talk about a lot of work!

They had some great tutorials set up to learn a new technique called Craft University. Alexa participated in Sacred Yoli's fabric flowermaking class.

Here's Alexa's flower in progress. Yoli was a great, enthusiastic teacher!

We were also super happy to see fellow members Alana and Katie representin' at their booth!
The work was displayed beautifully and was totally unlike anything else at the show! Check out Alana's fab creations in her Make Pie Not War Etsy shop.

We didn't stay for too, too long. The rain was kinda a drag. Alana informed us that attendance picked up after we left, so we were glad to hear that news!

Afterwards, we headed over to Art Ellis Supply Inc. that Silvia had wanted to go to. The owners were so friendly, informative, and nice. They had some really cool specialty papers and fine art supplies that are hard to find elsewhere. It is the last locally owned art supply store in Sacramento, so if you're reading this and you live nearby, please stop by and make a purchase!

After a nice lunch at a local Mexican eatery, a stop at a local gift shops, and what seems like multiple Starbucks stops, we headed home. It was a great day!

– Alexa


  1. Thanks for coming and participating Alexa! It was a pleasure meeting you. I still have yet to post my pics, but they are coming soon. Oh, next weekend is Sacramento's 2nd Saturday. You chica's would love it. It is our version of a huge art walk. Lots of Galleries having lil fiestas! Ayeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

  2. Thanks for writing about this - you got some awesome photos too!!! We aren't doing it monthly anymore...too much work...but we're going to do another big show in December =)


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