Monday, June 22, 2009

De-Mystifying the Etsy Treasury

How to nab a treasury every time:

The Treasury list is really easy to figure out once you figure out what’s going on.

1. Treasuries expire all the time.

2. When enough expire that the total number drops below 333, the treasury opens!

And it’s really easy to figure out approximately when that will be! Here’s what I do…

First sort the list by expiration (circled in green above). Make the little triangle point up so the treasuries ending soonest are on page 1.

Next, find out how many treasuries need to expire until the total reaches 333. Just subtract 333 from the total (circled in pink above).

Ok, so once 48 Treasuries expire, the Treasury will be about ready to open. (Really there will be one more until it opens, but I like to give myself time to get ready!)

Now to figure out exactly when that will be… just start from the top of your list and count down 48. (Hint: there are 20 Treasuries listed per page) so just click over to the correct page and see how much longer you have to wait!

Once that list gets to 332, this box will appear at the bottom:

The key is to type your super creative title QUICKLY, and click the create button before everyone else does.

It helps to type your title ahead of time, exactly how you want it, and copy it… that way when the box opens, you just have to paste it in!

TRUST ME on this one… your heart will be pounding so hard, and your head will be spinning so fast that you won’t be able to think straight, let alone get that title in there with no typos!

Ok so I have a Treasury space… now what??

Most Treasury spaces are reserved for 2 days. In order to get the most exposure possible, you want to get your items picked out and placed as quickly as possible to start promoting your collection.

Etsy has a tool all ready for us… it’s called Poster Sketch, and it’s ALWAYS available to everyone, current treasury owner or not.

It’s hard to find so here’s the URL:

The poster sketch tool looks like this:

When you find an item you may want to include in your treasury, just copy the listing # into the listing id box!

When you get your Treasury spot, you can just copy the IDs from the Poster Sketch into the spaces in the Treasury.

FYI: Poster Sketch gives you 16 spots, but there are only 12 spots featured at a time in a Treasury. You still need to fill all 16 because the extra 4 are alternates!

When choosing Treasury items consider the following:

· Does the picture look absolutely fabulous??

· Does the picture get cropped all funny in the Poster Sketch??

· Does the seller have 100% positive feedback?

· Has the seller made at least 1 sale?

· Does the picture look absolutely fabulous??

· Be sure you don’t feature one seller multiple times.

· Don’t feature ONLY items that have just been listed… it’s ok to go back a few pages in the search results to give old items exposure.

· Does the picture look absolutely fabulous??

· Pick items at several different price points.

· Are all of the photos simple and un-cluttered?

· Unless you’re working with a theme, keep the types of items you feature varied.

· Dream up an eye-catching creative title.

· PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE! There are often threads in the forums to share your creations!

· When you feature a seller, send them a convo and let them know! They probably won’t find out about it otherwise.

· Does the picture look absolutely fabulous??

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