Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June Crafty Night

Our Central California Etsy Team got together recently for our monthly Crafty Night. A few days before we all voted on which project we wanted to do, and the overwhelming winner was BATH PRODUCTS!!!

We each got to choose a few things to make... The most popular goodies were Bath Bombs and Brown Sugar Oatmeal scrub (which, I should add, was also pretty tasty!)

Here is Patty adding some coloring to her Fizzy Bath Bombs.
It took a lot of elbow grease to get all the coloring mixed in uniformly.
Once mixed, we pressed the Bath Bomb mixture into fun-shaped molds...
And voilĂ ! Out come perfectly shaped bath-time treats!

Some of the group also made bath salts like this bowlful that Alexa made and colored a pretty pink.
And here are our pretty containers of layered sugar scrub... doesn't it look like candy?!
We had such a great time thanks to our gracious hostesses: April, Amber, and Pam! Can't wait 'till next month!

Thanks for stopping by our Team Blog! ~Katie

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