Friday, August 7, 2009

Crafty Girlfriends

I love being creative. But, I love being creative with others even more.

Yesterday, a good friend came over so that we could play with tie-dye. We both contributed items that we wanted to dye. I had several Tulip one-step kits and was also "dying" to try the new Tulip custom color kit I picked up at Joann Fabric last weekend. The kit promised 150 color recipes - so, I was sure we would find all the colors of the rainbow and then more to inspire us.

First things first - we set up shop out on the patio near the pool to cut down on the possibility of spilling accidents ruining the carpet! The only concern was that we not get too close to the edge of the pool and fall in...a real possibility since we are both so graceful!

Next, we selected a few colors to mix up and try. The kit instructions called for a gallon of water and we thought it was WAY more dye than we needed of one color. So, we cut the instructions in one-third and mixed up three batches of color. We started with an awesome teal color, then a cool grey and black. Then we added fushia, purple, brown and orange.

Look out! The folding, rubberbanding and scrunching began. Before you know it, we had projects laying out on plastic all around the pool!

We made an attempt to clean up our mess and let the projects sit over night. This morning, I rinsed and laundered all of our creations. At 10, Frances came back over and we started to embellish our creations even more. We added some detail and designs with sharpie markers, some iron on appliques, ribbon and rick rack. What a blast we had - drinking coffee, making lunch and baking brownies while we worked. Why is it that fun is always better with good food too?

When all was said and done, I completed three outfits. Two are little girl bubble rompers and a onesie. AND, I have several more outfits that have been dyed and are just waiting for embellishments! Check them out - cute additions for my shop at

Anyway, we packed it all in around 1:00 and then decided to take in a movie. It was the end of a perfect two days....we went to see Julie & Julia. What a great show about two awesome women! It is amazing how their creative passion changed both of their lives. And, what a super job of acting by the cast! I highly recommend this one!

Looking back, the fun, the fellowship, the laughter, the love - it was all fueled by our creative passion. Ahhhh, life is good!

– Linda

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