Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Something About Fresno

As a member of the Central California Etsy Team, I find that I'm often having conversations with other members about how we as a team connect with the people in the community that appreciate the handmade and artistic of what we do. I came across this video on www.fresnofamous.com and it really is a universal problem that a lot of artists in the community face...the disconnect between what everyday people in the community are doing and how they can be better informed about the cool stuff having in our town. I like that this video brings this to light and brings the discussion to the table. And we really need more of it!

I think this is a complicated road and that many questions that need to be answered, but I think the internet and social media venues like this blog are a great ways to voice these concerns. Hopefully our team and other groups will be able to make an impact and work together to bring more artistic awareness to Fresno!

– Alexa

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